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GovCon Wingman™ Roundtable - Virtual Discovery Session

  • October 09, 2018
  • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Zoom Meeting
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Background: What's a Wingman?

According to the U.S. Air Force, the traditional military definition of a "Wingman" refers to the pattern in which fighter jets fly. There is always a lead aircraft and another which flies off the right wing of and behind the lead. This second pilot is called the "Wingman" because he or she primarily protects the lead by "watching his back."

More specifically, the wingman's role is to add an element of mutual support to aerial combat. The presence of a wingman makes the flight both offensively and defensively more capable by increasing firepower and situational awareness, permitting the attack of enemies, and increasing the ability to employ more dynamic tactics.

Launched in 2014, our GovCon Wingman™ program is a mature, viable and potent resource activity for business leaders and professionals in federal contracting. Since inception, the profiles of companies participating in GovCon Wingman™ includes those who:

·         support federal civilian, defense and intelligence agency missions as contractors and subcontractors;

·         have offerings that include goods, services and research and development, and;

·         generate annual revenues of less than $1 million to greater than $20 million.

Our GovCon Wingman™ partners tell us the benefits they realize include:

·         better decision-making capabilities;

·         achievement of intended outcomes;

·         recognition and mitigation of risk factors;

·         business development-related cost savings;

·         more clarity of the opportunity and competitive landscape in federal contracting;

·         tangible business growth.

About the GovCon Wingman™ Roundtables and the Discovery Sessions:

We've received a number of inquiries regarding a peer exchange and education group based on the GovCon Wingman™ program and would like to discuss it with business leaders in order to shape a program of merit. During the Discovery Sessions we will solicit feedback regarding:

·         the frequency and duration of meetings;

·         the content of meetings;

·         key outcomes of the programs;

·         the balance of peer exchange vs facilitator presentations vs formal education activities;

·         support outside of roundtable meetings;

·         participant make-up;

·         and more.

Participation in the Discovery Sessions is limited to principals and executives of U.S. companies eligible to enter into contracts and subcontracts with the U.S. Government and its contractors. Registration is limited to one representative per company.

A light breakfast will be served at the complimentary session.

Session is limited to 20 business leaders and/or executives.

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