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Handmade Jade and Ceramic Bead Necklace

Donated by: Ruth Sachs Ceramics

Value: $165

This one of a kind jade necklace boasts sterling silver accents and handmade ceramic fish beads.  It was created by hand by artist and jewelry maker, Ruth Sachs.

About our Generous Donor:

Since 1984 Ruth Sachs has been creatively producing functional stoneware ceramics using the potters wheel, or by hand building. Having studios in both Long Island ,NY and the Catskill Mountains, upstate NY, Ruth has been given the opportunity to discover the creative and bold style of her work. She has been teaching at the Art League of Long Island since 1996, where she has taught classes, and many different technical workshops, as well as curating themed gallery shows. She makes all of her own glazes and the glazes at the Art League.

Ruth’s most famous signature pieces are her leaf bowls, and platters. These are hand built using the natural leaves of many different cultivars. Each piece is unique and delicate in there own way. This technique has continued to be a very valuable, and functional design for Ruth for many years. She was recently commissioned to make over 100 leaf bowl for the Begonia Society. Making each one by hand…
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