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GovCon Help Desk™

Have questions about:

  • Federal Small Business Programs? Marketing?
  • FAR Compliance?
  • Tips on Teaming or Market Research?

We have answers!

In fact, we've assembled our GovCon A-Team to assist as you navigate the seas of government contracting so you can focus on achieving your goals and growing your business.  The GovCon Help Desk™ is an exclusive benefit of membership and our team has well over one hundred years of hands-on government contracting experience and expertise that you can leverage right at your fingertips!

So ask away!

Here are the rules (You knew we'd have these!): Because we're not sitting in the room with you as things transpire, there's a lot we don't know. For that reason, let's keep the questions general, and anonymous. They can be specific as related to the subject, but let's avoid questions that would require us to have specific (proprietary or competitive?) knowledge of your situation. This way we don't need NDA's and the such.

And for the record, at no time will we attribute any of the information in your questions or our responses to you or your company. The American Small Business Coalition and our partners will make every reasonable effort to protect the confidentiality of information provided to us to the extent such information is ordinarily and customarily considered proprietary and confidential business information. 

After you check out the disclaimer below, the submission form is waiting  for you!

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"Within hours of posting a detailed FAR related question, I received not only a timely but thorough explanation of the situation to include applicable FAR related clauses.  Having such expertise at my fingertips makes an already great deal (Membership in The ASBC) even better. Kudos to the corps of experts who sit on the GovCon Help Desk™.” 
- Jae Collins, COO, Prime Solutions 

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