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These Are Not Your Ordinary Workshops

Have you ever found yourself in the position of needing additional professional training but couldn't carve out the time? Or maybe you've participated in sessions where the relevant experience and knowledge of the participants varied greatly, causing the pace of learning to be too slow. These are just two of the challenges faced by business leaders, executives and professionals seeking practical professional development.

Which is why the blended learning workshops on our calendar have extended start and end dates and the locations reflect a virtual classroom versus a physical location.

As opposed to our other programs, these workshops span several weeks and the primary locations are private web-based portals specific to each class. Based on individual preference, the entire program could be web-based as there is an option for an in-person or virtual lab session. The workshop lab is our final proving ground to ensure attendees have grasped the concepts and practices presented during each program. While this approach is not new in the world of education and training, it's an expanded capability for us and for the type of programs we're making available.

We've always received phenomenal feedback about the value and accuracy of our content, so our major concern was centered on how it would be received in this innovative format. The feedback from our previous participants tells us they love the model, and we think you're going to love it too!

Here's why.

We've minimized or eliminated several obstacles associated with traditional learning programs such as:

  • 'time off of the line' for executives and professionals responsible for business growth;
  • commuting to session locations;
  • different learning styles
  • varying levels of attendee experience related to the subject-matter, and;
  • ease of access to viable education and professional development programs.

Need another reason?

You've heard of drinking from the proverbial fire hose, right? What if we gave you the ability to control the flow of information?

No problem!

Our average workshop will expose attendees to eight (8) hours of formal content where at least half of the information provided is self-paced. This means attendees registering by the first day of the workshop have four (4) weeks to view digital content, participate in exercises and get answer's to questions prior to the lab session. These are interactive programs with milestones for completing activities, but at a much more relaxed pace, and with less (if any) need to travel to a classroom location.

Additional interactions include online networking, Q&A and workshop collaboration opportunities. In the online portal attendees will find blogs, discussion forums and other resources to help them excel! Our goal is to provide the maximum learning opportunity for participants so they can process the tactics, tools and resources presented in terms of how and why they matter in real-world applications.

Blended Learning Program Titles

The very first programs launched were:

  • FPDS-NG for BD, Capture and Marketing (from The Complete FPDS-NG Workshop!™)

  • The Complete Simplified Acquisitions Workshop!™

Topics currently being revised include:

  • Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™
  • Tactics, Tools and Resources for Connecting the Dots™ - Government Contracting 101, 201, 301...: Assessing the Marketplace
  • How Do You Connect the Dots When You Don't Know What the Dots Mean?™

and we're currently working with content partners to roll-out blended learning workshops for:

  • Capture Management - Proposal Writing
  • Proposal Management
  • Effective Management of Multiple-Award Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (MA-IDV)
  • Creating and Managing an Opportunity Pipeline and many more!

More Information?

If you're interested in learning more about our Blended Learning Programs for Government Contractors, contact us at

(410) 381-7378 x2 or via email at

The American Small Business Coalition, LLC  PO Box 2786 Columbia MD 21045


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