The American Small Business Coalition

Information.     Relationships.    Access.


Be the most practical and trusted resource of advice and education to American small business for the creation and development of small business concerns supporting U.S. civilian, defense and intelligence agency operations.


Guide American small businesses to growth in federal contracting.

What We Do

The American Small Business Coalition was founded in 2004 to support stakeholders of U.S. Government Contracting. Since then, we have become a trusted resource for U.S. Government agencies and their contractors through the development of networks, relationships and knowledge – enabling them to effectively do business with each other in consideration of their individual objectives.

Why We Do It

Providing goods or services to the U.S. Government is a tremendous business opportunity that has many existing and developing barriers to success. Whether a newcomer or an industry veteran, adapting to the culture and learning how business is done, is a challenge. The American Small Business Coalition helps our industry members navigate government contracting by providing them:

  • A place in our community of motivated business executives and professionals
  • Access to our established relationships from Government and Industry
  • Experience-based education opportunities
  • The knowledge and experience of leaders from Government and Industry
  • Timely updates on policy and process changes
  • Focused market intelligence activities
  • Advisory and technical business support

In conjunction with an organization’s current business activities, participation in The American Small Business Coalition greatly increases the likelihood of tangible success.

The American Small Business Coalition, LLC  PO Box 2786 Columbia MD 21045


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