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Camp Life Hand Signed Print

Donated by: Kathy Strauss

Value: $100

"Camp Life" Signed photograph from Kathy Strauss's series taken at the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Manassas. Depicts Civil War re-enactment campsite and actors

About our Generous Donor:

Have you ever walked by a scene & what you see takes your breath away? You remember these images in your dreams, they might be clear, they might be small & slightly out of focus... but for some reason it sticks with you... you feel it's energy... it makes you feel good. I try to capture this energy in each photograph I take, allowing the viewer to feel.

My design background actually comes to life in my photography. I compose my shots with precision and harmony—sensitive to graphic composition, repetition, color, rhythm, reflection, pattern and aesthetics—I always look at what makes the scene spark. I look at how the image vibrates in me—making the image interesting to the viewer and allows them to connect to the piece. No matter what I shoot, I always see the balance and composition between the elements. Is it the graphic design influence... or a natural appeal for composition?
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