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What People Are Saying About The ASBC

The American Small Business Coalition (The ASBC) exists and grows only through the support of our Members and Partners throughout the Government Sector. The following comments are intended to provide insight to our site visitors to understand the value of an association with our organization as told by those who have already made the investment of dues and time.

- Guy and Maggie

The ASBC has quickly become a vital asset in Emergent’s arsenal of resources. Within weeks, [of joining] Emergent was teaming with viable companies on upcoming requirements. Emergent has met dozens of members, joined several teams, and increased its knowledge base. We believe revenue is a direct result of knowledge (market intelligence) gained and this membership has provided timely market intelligence coupled with strategic introductions which are aiding Emergent in gaining market share. Our revenue and knowledge is due to the exposure membership in The ASBC brings. Participating in activities like the [Business Opportunity] Working Goups, Federal Contractors Roundtables, and Business Over Breakfast™ events have aided us in cultivating what I believe will be lasting and productive relationships.

Curtis A. Merriweather, Jr.
Business Development, Dir.
Emergent, Inc.

I attended the Market Intelligence Exchange briefings (March 24 focusing on GSA and NRC and April 28, Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard) and found both events to be highly beneficial. The tone is informative and to-the-point and the investment in time is worth your while.

The level of insight provided during the Market Intelligence Exchange is superior to similar briefings I have attended from much better known organizations because the presentation hits the mark, which is important to Business Development Professionals. It is immediately apparent the presenter from DecisionPoint (content provider for the Agency Spotlight and Contract Vehicle Spotlight) has walked-the-walk which adds to their credibility. The detail provided at this briefing is on-point as opposed to typical briefings which tend to present from the 30,000-foot level. The sessions cover a range of disciplines which includes Information Technology spending within the spotlight agencies, phone numbers and email addresses of key stakeholders are provide, details on major programs/procurements, and info about the top large businesses and small businesses doing business within the agency.

As a result of my participation in the
Market Intelligence Exchange, my company is pursuing a $200M prime opportunity based on the information and intelligence provided.

In short, time well spent. Well worth the investment.    


Larry Pokroy
VP, Business Development
Telesis Corporation

Guy and Maggie:

Just a note to let you know that as a direct result of joining The ASBC in April 2010, I’ve signed two consulting contracts in a 7 week period. One contract is as a subcontractor to a Federal Prime Contractor on a yearly retainer basis, the other contract is for an Executive Coaching engagement for a commercial client.

As a member of The ASBC Human Capital Management Working Group, I look forward to many more years of working together with you and our ASBC colleagues.

Mahalo (Thank you in Hawaiian).

Best Regards,

W. Keith Tom


Wallace, White, & Associates LLC Align the right talent to the right responsibility at the right time.
A Native Hawaiian Owned, Small Disadvantaged Business

Andre Chambers, Evans & Chambers Technology, LLC (Click here to read his entire testimonial)

"The [StratReview™] discussion was very informative and reminded me of the value of ASBC membership. In fact, many of the action items you gave us are being incorporated into our quarterly plan."

Saya "Sally" Behnam, Design 4 Future LLC (Click here to read her entire testimonial)

"Not only has my business grown because of the business we have received from Members, but I have also benefited from the advice and resources I got through The ASBC."

Ira Koretsky, The Chief Storyteller® (Click here to read his entire testimonial)

"As a brand new member, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the help, insights, and advice provided by ASBC and its members."

Paul Kerstanski, GreenLine Systems, Inc. (Click here to read his entire testimonial)

"Wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for referring Courtney Fairchild and Global Services to GreenLine Systems, Inc."

Earl Hicks, Jr., LegaLock Secure Transcriptions, LLC (Click here to read his entire testimonial)

"The resources of The ASBC never cease to amaze me!"

Holly Hidalgo, Belka Corps LLC (Click here to read her entire testimonial)

"Our participation has already led to us increasing our teaming arrangements with two firms and several follow up meetings in the next couple of weeks."

Rick Yost, NICOR Global (Click here to read his entire testimonial)

As a result of our membership in The ASBC,  we were a member of an ENCORE II capture team that won a contract to provide Information Assurance support to a Pentagon customer.

Russ Blazer, Genesis Security Systems, LLC (Click here to read his entire testimonial)

"I wanted to let you know that our participation in The ASBC has struck gold once again."

John Petracek, ESCgov, Inc. (Click here to read his entire testimonial)

"I've never belonged to an organization that is so focused on its members success, and the variety of thoughtful programs you've put together is frankly inspirational as I plan on growing my own sales organization."

Steven Mackie, Storage Strategies, Inc. (Click here to read his entire testimonial)

I have already derived significant benefit far beyond what I have gotten out of much more expensive industry associations. For example a strategic review that was not only insightful but helped me reset the course for my firm and has already shown demonstrable pay off."

Judy Bradt, Summit Insight LLC (Click here to read her entire testimonial)

"Why do I belong to [The] ASBC?  Day after day -- morning, noon and night -- they bring together a growing community of caring, connected group of wise, experienced people who look out for each other, share tips and introductions...AND go on to win millions in government contracts together."

Tom Petruska, Contracts Unlimited, Inc. (Click here to read his entire testimonial)

I would not have been able grow my business without your referral help."

Russ Blazer, Genesis Security Systems, LLC (Click here to read his entire testimonial)

"...the more time I spend with the collection of people that you have assembled, the more I believe that the ASBC (for me) is an opportunity to learn from some very driven and experienced winners."

Jennifer Bisceglie, InTEROS Solutions, Inc. (Click here to read her testimonial)

"Your work is amazing and your tireless passion admirable."

Roger Dunbar, Industrial Medium, Inc.(Click here to read his testimonial)

"The ASBC goes well beyond being just an excellent networking group... they have created an exceptional tool for government as well."

Chris Strasser, Executive Director, Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC)
(Click here to read his testimonial from "It's not just for start-ups" published in Washington Technology)

"Last year, with ASBC’s help, CTC pursued and won one of eight Solutions for Intelligence Analysis contracts from the Defense Intelligence Agency, which were awarded in April. The five-year awards are worth a total of $1 billion."

Stacy Trammell, president of Zavda Technologies LLC, of Glenn Dale, Md., joined ASBC two years ago because she wanted to better understand federal contracting and find ways to grow her disabled-veteran, woman-owned small business.

Trammell said she learned how to focus on those government agencies that would be most likely to contract for her information technology services. "That helped keep me from running all over the place and stretching myself too thin,” she said. "Soon after joining, I got my first contract.”

from "It's not just for start-ups" published in Washington Technology

[The] ASBC’s greatest asset is that it offers small businesses "completely independent feedback that tells them where they fit in the [government] spectrum and what the value of their offering really is,” he added. "So they can either hone their skills and improve their offering or target their offering at the right place so they get the full benefit of it.”

Chris Strasser, Executive Director, National Intelligence Solutions
Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC)

from "It's not just for start-ups" published in Washington Technology

I recently met one-on-one with Guy and Maggie to discuss a challenge that requires immediate attention. It was a great forum, although perhaps not one that could be offered to each Member. What I think I gained most from it was a plan of action to introduce me and the services I provide to key decision makers within my target market. I haven't completed my end of the deal yet, so I'm not sure how immediate the impact will be but I'm very optimistic that something great will come as a result of it. I could probably benefit from ASBC backed press.

Angela Dingle
Ex Nihilo Management, LLC

I have been a Member of The ASBC for 5 months and in that short period, I have learned more about government contracting than in my last 31 years in the moving business. I have formed relationships with ASBC Members and these relationships have increased my business by $200,000 in the last 60 days.

Harris Ponack
Matthew Moving Company

"We feel as if our relationship with The ASBC is part of the reason for our success. Our joining the organization two years ago has resulted in an increased awareness of Freeport in the government sector.”

John McGreevy, President and Owner
Freeport Technologies

"Within our first full year of membership with The ASBC, Prime Solutions was able to leverage the resources, network and fellow membership organizations to:

· Achieve a contract award with a new IC agency through a teaming opportunity requiring very little investment of time or money
· Coordinate opportunities on two more proposal teams (one for a new IC agency)
· Train in critical business functions with minimum cost and in a real world environment
· Identify a critical web-based infrastructure resource that will assist our small company to perform like or better than a seasoned large company.

The ASBC is definitely what you make of it. The motivated and organized companies will use The ASBC like a business springboard.”

Jae Collins
Chief Operating Officer, Prime Solutions

A year ago, I met Mr. Guy Timberlake at an INPUT conference. I was new to Government Contracting and did not understand the subculture revolving around it and Guy told me to join AFCEA, IAC and various other organizations. Not once did he mention The ASBC, although later after correspondence with one of my colleagues, we found out about it. He spent an hour talking to me and giving me direction and guidance.

I proceeded to follow Guy’s advice. I went to these organizations, joined committees and got involved. I read forecasts and analyzed data and realized the amount of information and contacts was overwhelming and in reality I did not know what to do with all the data. I could look at it, but understood that I lacked the ability to act on or implement the information.

Although I had met many people in industry who mentored me on protocol, action into agencies and retrieval of data, I was still missing something. I ran into Guy at the Sheraton Premier six months later. and he invited me to breakfast [Business Over Breakfast at the Silver Diner in McLean].

I met Guy at the Silver Diner along with six others and Guy explained strategy and planning, some of the knowledge I was missing. He also taught me to me how take the information and the contacts I had developed and turn them into an effective marketing strategy, one that helped me close my first $1.5 million dollar contract, this past month [December 2007].

Without the advice and guidance of Guy Timberlake, I would not have reached this stage in my professional growth. I would not have gained the knowledge that I now have. I feel that belonging to The ASBC brings that one piece of the puzzle you need to give you the whole picture.

The ASBC is instrumental in any marketing strategy for companies working in the government sector. This is what I have gotten from The ASBC. The ASBC is also an organization that will help you tie together all of the information you gain from other organizations.

Christopher P McKee
Webworld Technologies

On November 8, 2007, The American Small Business Coalition had the pleasure of hosting and facilitating the OBO 2007 Industry Day at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA. The event was an outreach opportunity for Department of State officials from the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) and Diplomatic Security (DS) to collaborate with two-hundred industry representatives in a multi-faceted half-day event that proved to be of more value than we could have imagined.

Click here to read the letter from Major General Charles E. Williams, USA (ret.) Director and Chief Operating Officer (Assistant Secretary equivalent) of the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations. (It's awesome!)

We want to be sure everyone knows that we did not achieve this on our own. The following Members volunteered to support us in a most unselfish, professional and productive manner:

Cheryl Baugh, GIBA, Inc.

Fazlul Bari, CyberPath, Inc.

Myra Fitzwater, Teqcorner

Chris McKee, Webworld Technologies

Kathleen Manley, Asset Funding Solutions

Guy Hinkler, V2 Systems

Richard Dean, Dean Technical Services

Gordon Stables

Courtney Livingstone, Livingstone Financial Group

Hi Guy,

Thank you for all the information today. I'm overwhelmed, but in a good way, and I've already tapped into one of the folks who posted in the general forum regarding teaming on an Army opportunity.

So far, I've gotten more out of my ASBC membership in one day than I have using all the other's I've paid for and used for an entire year.

Thanks again for you time today. I'm looking forward using my membership to the fullest extent.

Very respectfully,


Joe Shlikas
Tikras Technology Solutions Corp.
Alexandria, VA

Dear Guy and Maggie:

Besides Jordan and the client involved, you are the first to know [that] LTS signed today a consulting contract with a high-technology company here in DC to help them position their products in the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Costa Rica, and Chile.

With the exception of Costa Rica and Chile, where LTS has long-established contacts, it would have been very difficult to close this agreement were it not for the access to decision makers at the British Embassy my membership at The ASBC facilitated. My success in securing the contract is proof positive of how membership in The ASBC shortens the time involved in closing contracts thus increasing ROI. It is also proof of how the Global Initiative can help an ASBC member company do business in foreign markets.

I am proud and very happy of being a business member of The ASBC, and prouder yet of being the Chairperson of its Global Initiative.

Maria Velez de Berliner
Latin Trade Solutions, Inc. (Latin Intelligence Corporation)

Greetings Guy,

Avis and I hope all is well with you. This month has been one of the most productive and focused months we've had in recent months. We've been working more directly with our customers and prospective customers and our efforts are beginning to bear positive fruit. We're already in the midst of preparing a SOW, at the request of one of our customers, to uniquely fit their immediate needs. We're more focused now in our government marketing efforts, ensuring that projects we're asked to team with others [on] can be validated within our own established bid/no bid criteria before we decide on the level of our effort to expend.

We are truly appreciative of the sessions you spent with us earlier this month. You've already made a strong and positive difference. We've been busier these last few weeks as more opportunities emerge on the horizon almost daily, yet we want to stay focused on obtaining simpler procurements directly with our customers. Avis and I will definitely remain in contact with ASBC and your resources to assist us, albeit we've been just so very occupied of late. (Once someone like Guy Timberlake helps BCV Solutions re-orient their compasses, real benefit seems to spring forth!) Take care and see you soon!

KarenLynn Bell
BCV Solutions, Inc. (Building Customer-Valued Solutions)

"I have been a friend and colleague of Guy’s for many years and a member of the ASBC since its inception. There are few organizations like the ASBC and no Chief Visionaries like Guy Timberlake. If you are looking to join a group to make real connections that will directly result in bringing in revenue then this is the right place for you. I've never been a part of such a synergistic organization.” (July 11, 2006) Courtney Fairchild, President, Global Services

"It would be hard to find a more dedicated and caring individual when it comes to Guy's involvement and concern for all levels of staff representing the small american businesses in the DC metro area. He is a facilitator, a mentor, a listener, and provider of consultation as well as man of action to get the job done. I am proud to be associated with Guy, as well as the other members of the ASBC.” (July 5, 2006) Richard Dean, VP Operations, DATA

"Guy really cares about the growth and success of ASBC members. He constantly demonstrates this by harnessing his knowledge and creativity to deliver insight and access into the Federal marketplace. Not only does he teach us how to fish, he also directs us to the best fishing holes. Guy has been instrumental to my personal and professional growth and is always there for me when I need him.” (July 5, 2006) Guy Hinkler, CEO, V2 Systems

"Guy has created a life line in the federal space. Small companies would do well to embrace the ASBC and learn the power of networking. Guy has done a wonderful job in match making. Well done!” (July 9, 2006) Captain Joseph R. Concannon, NYPD (ret.) NY Metro InfraGard Members Alliance

"Dedication; commitment and a true passion to "make a difference". Guy Timberlake delivers to his members of The ASBC. Guy has created a network that educates small businesses with the tools and resources necessary to do business with the government. Honesty and integrity; values delivered by The ASBC.....” (June 30, 2006) Myra Fitzwater, Teqcorner

"Guy Timberlake's title is very fitting - Chief Visionary. The ASBC fills a much needed place in the small business world and Guy is truly a "connector." If you want to do business in the federal government or already do business and want to form other partnerships, you should make it your business to get to know Guy and the ASBC. It will be well worth your while.” Ann Sullivan, Madison Services Group

"There is very little to add to that except to express the wish that there was at least one Guy Timberlake in every state in the Union. The ASBC certainly does a better job of supporting microbusinesses with government contracting ambitions than either Congress or the SBA has been able to do, in part because Guy Timberlake doesn't write off microbusinesses as incapable of doing the job in the first place." Dawn Rivers-Baker, The MicroEnterprise Journal

From the June 27, 2005 article: Microbusiness Profile: Valorem Corporation

Guy Timberlake is a very dynamic individual who knows how to get business by building better business relationships. As a member of the Veterans Advisory Board, we often direct our Veteran entrepreneurs to what Guy is doing at the ASBC . They are going places and getting business and we want our Veterans to do the same. Joe Wynn, VETS Group

Aegis Mission Essential Personnel, LLC

May 9, 2005

Mr. Guy Timberlake
The American Small Business Coalition
6317 Early Red Court
Columbia, Maryland 21045

Dear Guy,

This letter is long overdue. I want you and The ASBC to know how grateful we are as a company to have been associated with your organization. Since our inception as a company, you have been a tremendous help with outreach activities, marketing and advice that has put us in the proper direction on more than one occasion.

Because of The ASBC, we developed relationships that we would not otherwise have and in a short period of time. Our company was founded in 2003 and launched in January of 2004. Since then we have capture two subcontracts and most recently the award of a $25,000,000 contract supporting the U.S. Department of State.

Your direct network of professionals is extremely helpful, and we are delighted to call ourselves members of your organization. Perhaps most overlooked and as valuable are the indirect contacts we have made by knowing you and being active members. There are many times when I’m on the phone and speaking with a person who knows a person who knows you and yet another relationship has forged and the circuit is complete.

For small businesses, the best route for marketing and capturing business is to share information with other small businesses. There is enough work out there for all of us andthe best model for reaching out is through your organization. And, since we’re located outside the beltway (Columbus, Ohio) your organization serves as a force multiplier for our sales and marketing personnel at our headquarters.

Forgive me if this letter is late, I’ve been trying to keep up with the activity you helped generate.

Sincerely, thank you.

Chad Monnin, CEO
Aegis Mission Essential Personnel LLC

Guy's skills at helping small businesses do business with Uncle Sam are solid, based on his successful experiences in other incarnations. I always look forward to collaborations with Mr T! Mark Amtower, Amtower and Company

The ASBC is a force multiplier for my business: Guy, Aimee, and Maggie add value to my marketing activities, business development planning, staffing initiatives, and operational performance. Their enthusiasm and energy is infectious. They challenge me to see business opportunities in new venues and establish new market channels. Besides, they are also great fun! Joining The ASBC was the best move we made in 2004 and we look forward to a long association with this outstanding group of entrepreneurs. Catherine Ortiz, Defined Business Strategies

As someone who relocated to the DC area without knowing anyone, it was quite intimidating to realize what I was doing before, was not working here. This area has its own ‘set of rules’ and until you know them, you will spend a lot of time spinning your wheels. I stumbled across Guy when I was on

We spoke briefly on the phone and I knew I connected with the right person, as he immediately put my mind at ease. When we met in person, he was a tremendous help. He not only began to give me the ‘ins and outs’ of how this town works and what I needed to know, but he immediately provided names of people and companies I should begin contacting to build my sales funnel. Mind you, this was all before I became a member. I can confidently say Guy is highly connected, and each day he surpasses that statement as he tirelessly networks for others.

Guy’s sensational attitude, passion for helping people and creating a resourceful environment is an outstanding representation of the type of other members Guy and Maggie allow into their organization and will differentiate the ASBC.ORG from all other lead groups. I say this not because those groups aren’t good, but merely because of the focus this organization has to specifically help individuals like myself; be on level playing ground with the like’s of big companies and the government. This will help anyone moving to the area – whether you are a one person business or a corporation.

There isn’t enough room to write about his energy – I’ll save that pleasure for you when you meet him and join his Coalition! Abbey Landis, The Lansburgh

Guy Timberlake actually does what he tells you he is going to do. His organization ASBC is truly dedicated to HELP small business grow in the federal government sector. He knows how to connect you and your company to the RIGHT people. Greg Warfield, Director Business Development, Harvard Marketing Services

The ASBC has personally provided the most comprehensive potential client and resource base than all other networking events I've attended this year combined. Guy and all those associated with him continue to radiate the highest quality support, camaraderie and professionalism. I'm privileged to be a part of this fantastic group. Thanks Guy and ASBC! Colleen Jolley, 24 Hour Company

Thank you for fostering the connection between V2 Systems and Global Services at the last Micro-Mondays™ session. Courtney cleared-up the 20 year GSA purchasing mystery in about 20 minutes. She has been the most helpful and knowledgeable person I’ve ever spoke with on the subject.

The lead I picked up is starting to take root too. I’m very excited about the resources that are available to me through my affiliation with The ASBC. Keep up the great work. Guy Hinkler, CEO, V2 Systems

There have been few times in my career that I have encountered an individual with as much enthusiasm or energy for the work that they do. Guy's top priority is always his members and what he can do to help them reach their goals. I strongly recommend Guy's organization for any small business looking to enter into the Government Contracting arena.Aimee Cubbage, Principal, Imaginotion, LLC

I have known Guy for several years now and he never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge of how to work with the Federal government. Since he has started the ASBC he has paired Focal Point up with other companies that have lead to recurring business opportunities. - Clark Jenkins, Vice President, Focal Point Communications, LLC

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