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Government Executive

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton Had a Great Time at the DebateOpen in a New Window

She was smiling the entire time and perhaps was even dancing.


How Data is Radically Changing the Federal GovernmentOpen in a New Window

By making information accessible to the public, agencies are serving citizens more effectively.


What Federal Employees Should Know From the First Trump-Clinton DebateOpen in a New Window

Cutting regulations, stiffing contractors and new roles for federal agencies come up in debate.


Good, Bad and Familiar News at the Chemical Safety BoardOpen in a New Window

Employee morale is up under new leadership, but ethics issues have been revived.


Why the Washington Monument Will Be Closed IndefinitelyOpen in a New Window

Blame the sole elevator, which needs repair.


NASA’s Gold Record For Aliens is a Fascinating Insight into the Worldview of 1970s AmericaOpen in a New Window

The album is a reminder of the best and worst of the 1970s.


Second Federal Employee Union Endorses Trump for PresidentOpen in a New Window

Just 5 percent of group’s membership voted to endorse Hillary Clinton.


Federal Agencies Once Again Prepare For A Possible Government ShutdownOpen in a New Window

Fiscal 2017 starts Saturday; the Senate is expected to vote Tuesday on a short-term CR before sending it to the House.


A Primer on Clinton and Trump’s Management Styles, Before the First DebateOpen in a New Window

Government Executive’s profiles of the presidential candidates explore how they would lead the vast federal bureaucracy.


When The Public Wants Information, Resistance Is FutileOpen in a New Window

Ignoring problems won't make them go away.


Defense Whistleblower Vindicated for Reporting Privacy ViolationOpen in a New Window

Non-supervisors may not demand others’ telework agreements, IG notes.


Feds: We Can Read Your Email and You'll Never KnowOpen in a New Window

We don't expect our own government to hack our email – but it's happening, in secret, and if current court cases go badly, we may never know how often.


A Style Guide for the Federal EmployeeOpen in a New Window

How Washington men working in national security dress—for better or for worse.


A Powerful Image of Michelle Obama and George W. Bush For the AgesOpen in a New Window

The photo clearly resonates with a country grappling with its own history of racism and slavery


How to Beat a Bully in a DebateOpen in a New Window

There are certain habits to steer clear of when dealing with someone like Donald Trump in a debate.


Play of the Day: Comparing Trump and Clinton Ahead of the First DebateOpen in a New Window

Clinton's email scandal may look bad, but what do we know about the Trump Foundation?


Trump and Clinton Debate Strategies That Can Make Anyone a Better Public SpeakerOpen in a New Window

Even Trump and Clinton have oratorical anxieties. Here are some research-based strategies presidential candidates and the rest of us can use to overcome them.


OMB Will Revamp Payment Accuracy WebsiteOpen in a New Window

House members demand better data, more progress on curbing improper payments.


House Clears Bill to Strengthen Program ManagementOpen in a New Window

All agencies would appoint new program improvement officers.


A Mustard Gas Attack on U.S. TroopsOpen in a New Window

A general confirmed that Islamic State fighters used the chemical weapon this week in an attack on American soldiers in Iraq.


14 Days in Solitary for Chelsea ManningOpen in a New Window

Prison officials in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, found her guilty of attempted suicide and possessing a book deemed prohibited.


Almost 6,000 Americans Have Already Voted for PresidentOpen in a New Window

The election is 46 days away, but thanks to early voting, some citizens have already made their choice—and millions more have requested absentee ballots.


Everyone Seems to Want Federal Employees to Use UberOpen in a New Window

Administration and Congress grapple with overlapping measure to boost rideshare usage.


The Irrational Idea That Humans Are Mostly IrrationalOpen in a New Window

People are smarter than some psychologists would have us think.


Justice Department Grantee Faulted for Sole-Source Youth Mentoring ContractsOpen in a New Window

Rules against contractor lobbying also were not strictly enforced, IG finds.
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