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B2GTeamUp Opportunity: Member Seeks SB Partner(s) with AIMS-Related Expertise for Navy PAO Support

Friday, July 30, 2010  
Posted by: B2GTeamUp Opportunity
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This is a Members Only Opportunity.

A CORE™ Small Business Member seeks CORE™ and/or Associate Small Business Members with expertise in the following areas related to Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions:

Advertising Services; Public Relations Services; Web Based Marketing Services; Integrated Marketing Services; Market Research and Analysis; Video and Film Production; Design and Exhibit Implementation Services; Conference, Events and Tradeshow Planning Services; Commercial Photography; Commercial Art and Graphic Design Services.

for an opportunity to provide support services to a Navy Public Affairs Office.

Please visit this link or cut and paste the following URL into your browser window: in order to review details and submit your response.

Responses accepted until 5pm EDT on Monday August 2, 2010.

Public Affairs Office Support

The Contractor shall provide the following management support to PEO Public Affairs Officer

(PAO) to assist in achieving the goal of supporting PEO program implementation.

Strategic Communications and Branding Support

Strategic Communication Planning. The Contractor shall assist in developing, updating and implementing the PEO Communications Strategic Plan including: Media Relations, Promotional Public Relations, Branding and Internal Communications, Updates shall be prepared annually and submitted as directed by the PEO PAO.

Communication Goals. The Contractor shall assist in defining short and long-term PEO Communications goals, recommending programs and activities to meet those goals. The Contractor shall submit recommendations as assigned by the PAO.

Evaluate and Analyze PEO Program. The Contractor shall evaluate and analyze PEO communications results and present recommendations to senior leadership for changes in PEO communications. The Contractor shall prepare and submit an analysis report to the PAO within fourteen workdays of completing the analysis. This shall be prepared annually and submitted within as directed by the PEO PAO.

Branding. The Contractor shall assist in developing and implementing PEO branding strategies to increase awareness in both internal and external audiences as approved by the PEO.

The Contractor shall propose at least three strategies for PAO consideration as assigned, and fully development implement the approved strategy as directed by the PAO.

Metrics Development. The Contractor shall develop, as needed, metrics to assess the effectiveness of communications tactics. The Contractor shall track agreed upon metrics and provide documentation of the metrics and measures in accordance with the format, style and content requirements specified by the PEO PAO within two (2) workdays of request.

Media Relations

Media Relations Plan. The Contractor shall assist the PAO in developing a media relations plan that addresses media opportunities to proactively respond to emerging newsworthy issues. All media relation activities shall be in conjunction with the PEO PAO, and the Contractor shall never act as, nor speak on behalf the DON or the PEO office. All contractor activity concerning media relations will meet the requirements of SECNAVINST 5720.44A.

Media Opportunities. The Contractor shall proactively identify media opportunities to generate ongoing news about the organization, its mission and its leaders. The Contractor shall document and submit potential media opportunities to the PEO PAO within one (1) workday of identification for review and approval.

Media Stories. As directed by the PEO PAO, the Contractor shall successfully place stories and opinion editorials in a variety of national and local print media. All Contractor stories and editorials shall be reviewed and approved by the PEO PAO prior to submission. The Contractor shall submit stories and editorials to be published in national and local print media in the format and per the submission schedule of the publisher. The Contractor shall maintain a record of all submissions, the date submitted, organization point of contact and telephone number and date of publication or rejection, and the rejection reason, as appropriate.

Media Interviews & Spokespersons. In conjunction with the PEO PAO, the Contractor shall schedule spokespersons for media interviews upon authorization from the PEO and spokesperson availability. The Contractor shall identify and schedule spokespersons as early as possible, but with at least seven (7) days prior notice 90% of the time.

Articles of Interest. The Contractor shall conduct a thorough daily search for articles of interest to PEO. The Contractor shall save all articles in Adobe Portable Document Format

(.pdf) using scanning or electronic conversion methods, and index the resulting files into the document achieve and database for easy location and retrieval. The Contractor shall summarize each article in an e-mail and electronically distribute the e-mail to an authorized subscriber list no later than 0800 each working day. The Contractor shall manage the subscriber list, adding and deleting individuals as directed.

Media Releases. The Contractor shall draft media releases, statements and articles for release/use by the PEO Public Affairs Office. Media releases shall be accurate, complete and free of grammatical, typographical and spelling errors, and delivered by the required delivery date 95% of the time.

Request to Query (RTQ's) Subjects. The Contractor shall develop, update and maintain a database of RTQ's subjects. The Contractor shall assist PEO in preparing interviewee subject for scheduled media interviews through the use of RTQ's, fact sheets and the like. The Contractor shall update the database within one (1) workday of receipt to ensure that interviewees are abreast on current topics.

Press Kits. The Contractor shall prepare press kits for press conferences that consist of updated timely and accurate information concerning PEO topics. The Contractor shall submit press kits to the PEO PAO at least 24 hours prior to a scheduled press conference for review, and answer any questions or concerns regarding information contained within the kit.

Web Site and Portal Content Management

Website and Homeport Maintenance. The Contractor shall maintain sections of the PEO Website and Portal directly related and supported by the PEO Public Affairs Office. The Contractor shall support the PEO Website, following the PEO and DON processes for release of information.

PEO Homepage. The Contractor shall update the PEO homepage and Press Room with links to articles, news stories, photos and conference schedules. The Contractor shall format the content and articles to be linked, upload the items as appropriate using the required protocols (File Transfer Protocol (FTP)/others as required), and establish and test the links with minimal downtime during normal working hours. If it becomes necessary to take the homepage offline, the update shall be scheduled for evening/weekends as approved by the PEO. The Contractor shall post PEO approved update content as soon as practical, but no later than seven working days after approval. The Contractor shall post content deemed time-sensitive within 24 hours of approval.

Public Affairs Community. The Contractor shall maintain the Public Affairs community as required in for the PEO homepage.

Internal Communications. The Contractor shall assist the PEO PAO to develop, submit for PEO approval, and implement PEO approved communication strategies directed to internal audiences in support of PEO strategic goals and objectives. The Contractor shall ensure written communications are clear, accurate and compelling throughout the PEO. The Contractor shall understand and apply journalistic standards appropriate to the project, target audience, and messaging objectives while demonstrating superior writing, proof reading and editing skills as


Internal Communication Plans. The Contractor shall develop, submit for PEO approval and assist in the preparation of internal communication plans and strategies that support PEO goals and objectives, increase awareness, focusing on current issues and upcoming events. The Contractor shall submit recommended plans and strategies within PEO assigned timeframes for consideration.

Publications and Newsletters. The Contractor shall manage and coordinate ongoing production of PEO publications and newsletters, recommended editorial policies and guidelines, and ensure accuracy and timely distribution. The Contractor shall develop, document and submit to the PEO for approval standardized procedure workflows to ensure PEO documents meet required guidelines. The Contractor shall maintain and modify the workflows as necessary to achieve PEO objectives.

Articles. The Contractor shall research, write and edit articles highlighting the PEO programs and services that are of interest to the internal audience. The Contractor shall conduct interviews at all levels of the organization to obtain information used as the basis for articles of interest. Interviews shall be coordinated in such a manner as to minimize disruption within the office, while ensuring the proper information is gathered and complied in order to meet the required schedule.

Written Support. The Contractor shall suggest no less than two "good news" articles per month. The Contractor shall submit all "good news" stories to the PEO PAO for consideration and approval prior to distribution.

Development and Maintenance of Outreach Materials. The Contractor shall develop, write update and maintain PEO outreach and marketing materials for use throughout all facets of the Public Affairs Program for the PEO and Program offices as follows:

Fact Sheets. The Contractor shall develop, write and maintain PEO fact sheets tailored to assigned topic, and containing both general information and specific technical information as assigned and approved by PEO. The Contractor shall make approved fact sheets available to the customer in electronic format immediately upon request.

Brochures. The Contractor shall develop, write, update and maintain PEO brochures containing general and specific informational content as assigned by PEO. The Contractor shall produce and maintain the production files in accepted printer format, and coordinate brochure printing as authorized to maintain PAO inventories.

Inventory of Promotional Items. The Contractor shall maintain PAO inventory of promotional items. The Contractor shall research and suggest new items that directly support PEO goals and objectives. The Contractor shall manage the ordering, artwork and cost estimating of such promotional items as approved by PEO PAO. The Contractor shall provide an accurate inventory of available promotional items to the PEO PAO within one (1) workday of request.

Booth Staffing Support and Maintenance for PEO Exhibits at Tradeshows and Conferences. The PEO Public Affairs Office is responsible for scheduling, maintaining, shipping, storing and manning the PEO exhibit booth at trade shows and conferences. The Contractor shall maintain and support these functions as required by the PEO PAO.

Exhibit Displays. The Contractor shall set up and disassemble exhibit displays at scheduled PEO tradeshows, conferences and other approved events. The Contractor shall ensure the exhibit displays are properly set up at least two (2) hours prior to event start and sufficient materials and displays are available and fully functional.

Exhibit Booth. The Contractor shall staff the exhibit booth with qualified employees, distribute outreach materials, and answer questions. The Contractor shall coordinate with other integrated program teams within the PEO for the scheduling of technical support for staffing the exhibit booth. Manning plans shall be submitted to the PEO 30 days prior to the tradeshow/conference date for approval.

Exhibit Booth Maintenance. The Contractor shall maintain the PEO exhibit booth which includes storing it within the PEO office, managing the exhibit spare/replacement parts, keeping the information on the exhibit and exhibit materials up-to-date, maintaining the materials checklist to ensure all necessary exhibit materials are prepared/available, managing the exhibit booth schedule and shipping the PEO exhibit booth to/from scheduled conferences. The Contractor shall ensure the shipping of all required exhibit booth materials in sufficient time to ensure the exhibit arrives at the intended location prior to the event.

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