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Success for small government contractors is built on a strong foundation.

Sunday, September 09, 2012   (2 Comments)
Posted by: Guy Timberlake (
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Many small government contractors face a quandary about the business of government contracting. More and more factors from both Government and Industry contribute to companies missing goals and literally grasping for even the slightest foothold. The reality is many business leaders are pondering next steps for themselves and their companies, even those with a history of success in this marketplace.
Since Margaret and I founded The American Small Business Coalition in 2004, we have had the privilege of facilitating multifaceted support activities for hundreds of companies from across the nation. They come to us possessing diverse backgrounds and offerings, staunch commitment, and unique challenges.The thread that binds them, past and present, is growth.
Through the years, Margaret and I have been students witnessing (and experiencing) firsthand the ups and downs associated with small business ownership and government contracting. In some cases, we were right there holding hands with business owners as situations unfolded. Some of the results were small and even significant achievements while other times, destiny had different plans
The experiences we have shared with so many, has instilled in us a wealth of practical knowledge and life lessons which we leverage to assist small government contractors. There are times during strategy sessions with our members that we find ourselves looking around to discover who it was that uttered the stream of consciousness that proved key to helping a small business owner move closer to realizing their business growth goals.
My point?
It is possible to build or at least shore up the foundation needed to make the success you seek a more clear journey. For small government contractors, we believe the key principles to moving the ball forward are Capacity, Commitment, Core Competency, Intelligence, Strategy and Relationships. We call it Small Business C4ISR™ and it is the framework of how The American Small Business Coalition supports a small business and it's people.
There is no shame in re-visiting your approach, reviewing your capabilities, and double-checking your information sources and relationships to ensure you can get where you want to be, from here.
Now more than ever, our focus is the growth of small government contractors.
Differentiate Yourself. Develop and Leverage Your Small Business C4ISR™.


The Chief Visionary

"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it."

Differentiate Yourself. Develop and Leverage Your Small Business C4ISR™.
(Capacity, Commitment, Core Competency, Intelligence, Strategy and Relationships)


Michael Sullivan, The Fearthainne Group says...
Posted Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Guy - I, too, like the acronym, but I some may think it to also be a priority scheme, which to me it is not. I find too many of our clients want to jump right in to growing their businesses without having a firm grasp of who they are - core competencies are part of the equation, but so too are capabilities of people and maturity of processes. Agreement of "C" levels within the organization as to importance of people and process enables an organization to establish a legitimate starting point (Critical in strategic planning) to develop their strategies and corresponding tactics to build the roadmap of where they want to go. With the map anchored with the legitimate starting point and the desired ending point(s), a path can be developed utilizing basic "what if" scenarios (impacts on the path from capacity, intelligence, etc.).
Gary J. Gray says...
Posted Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Guy: I like the concept and the acronym. Do you have a short description of each one and how to go about addressing some of the principles where a company is weak and needs to strengthen this deficieny? It could help a lot of us. Best regards, Gary Gary J. Gary President and CEO Acquisition Systems Associates, Inc.

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